The Curriculum Gremlin and Saxon 76

Experts now believe that the Odd Sock Gremlin has a cousin, the Curriculum Gremlin, who lives on the bookshelves of unsuspecting homeschoolers.  The latest mystery occurred at the home of the Halls.  Sometime between when their oldest child used Saxon 76 two years ago and their 2nd child started Saxon 76 yesterday, the answers manual magically morphed.  It is now the answers manual to a different edition of Saxon 76 printed in a different year with a different set of tests. 

“We’re completely baffled,” said Inspector Hall, the chief detective in charge of Missing Homeschool Curriculum.  “We have no leads and no explanation.”

Mrs. Hall, whose sanity is now in doubt and the cause for further investigations, clearly remembers that answers manual matched the textbook when she last used it. 

“There’s simply no way I could’ve graded Cameron’s papers for an entire year without the proper manual,” she insisted firmly.  “Unless, of course, I dreamed the entire year and it never really happened.”

Reliable witnesses confirm that, indeed, the textbook and test forms are clearly labeled “Third Edition,” whereas the answer book does not and, in fact, carries a different printing date entirely.  How this manual was switched out with the Third Edition manual while being stored “safely” in a box and without contact with other Saxon books is not known.  Fowl play by gremlins is suspected.

If any homeschoolers have a third edition answers manual they are willing to part with, they are begged to contact the Halls as soon as possible.  Lives are at stake.  Mrs. Hall claims that if she has to work every test and problem set in Saxon 76 for an entire year, random children in her immediate vicinity will suffer from extreme grumpiness (her grumpiness, that is; the kids’ grumpiness is a separate consideration). 

If any homeschooler has need of the Saxon 76 answers manual copyright 1992, seventh printing May 200, no edition listed, they are welcome to it.  It’s only worth at this point is a symbol of mysteries that have no answers.


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