Diving In

I seldom have a plan.

 Oh, sure, a grand scheme, big picture, overiding values kind of plan…but never a work out the details, day to day, how do I get from here to there plan.

 And now I’m blogging without a plan.  Just wanted to see if I could do it.  Maybe share some photos with friends.  Maybe share some of my eclectic passions (I crochet and practice tae kwon do, I quilt and I lift weights, I study my Bible and I rollerblade with my kids and watch cheesy sci fi movies with my hubby…does that count as eclectic?).

 I do plan to cheat on this blog.  To get me going, I’m going to post pieces I’ve already written.  My greatest hits from some of the email loops that I’m on (mostly homeschool mom groups). 

 Basically, I’m making this up as I go along.


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